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Does Bard know how many times ‘e’ appears in ‘ketchup’?

In a query to Google Bard, I ask it to show me ASCII art of a brain. It gives me what I believe is a deformed cow.
And the act is called… “The Aristocrats!”

One of the things I am most enjoying about machine learning is how it illustrates, quite neatly, that engineers don’t know how people work. Take the large language models, for instance. I have been told that they will take my job, rendering me unnecessary; that they are intelligent; that they will plan the perfect itinerary for my trip to Paris, with highlights about bars and restaurants that are definitely accurate and complete.

Inspired by a tweet about mayonnaise, I have set out now to do a fun experiment with Google’s Bard.

Okay, well:

Artificial intelligence, demonstrated.

I am choosing to do this for two reasons. First, this kind of quiz is something you do with small children as you teach them to read. You…

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