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‘Clash of Fates’: Thousands of Palestinians Flee South as Israel Ramps Up Gaza City Offensive

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been one of the longest-lasting wars in the history of the world. In recent weeks it has escalated to new heights as Israel intensifies its attacks against the Gaza Strip. This has resulted in thousands of Palestinians fleeing for safety, with many leaving the area for the south as the Israeli offensive intensifies.

According to the United Nations, over 12,000 people have been forced to leave Gaza since the beginning of May, with the majority of the refugees moving south. This mass displacement is one of the largest of its kind since the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict, with many of the refugees subsekquently finding lodgings in rented homes or UN-run shelters.

Unfortunately, the air strikes from Israel haven’t just put people’s lives at risk, it has also caused extensive damage to property and many historical buildings in the city have been destroyed. The majority of the destruction has taken place in the Al-Shati refugee camp in central Gaza City, with more than 150 homes completely torn down by the bombings.

The prospect of further destruction and civilian casualties resulting from the Israeli strikes are leading to a growing sense of despair amongst the civilian population. With no end to the conflict in sight, many have been left feeling like there is nowhere left to run. The situation in the region is becoming increasingly a bleak one for all those involved.

The international community has appealed to both sides to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be happening anytime soon. There is a growing sense of helplessness amongst those affected by the strikes and the human toll this ongoing conflict has taken is becoming unbearable for many.

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