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UN Demands Urgent ‘Humanitarian Corridors’ for Gaza: Security Council Resolution Passed

The United Nations Security Council has just adopted a resolution expressing grave concern at the current situation in Gaze and calling for an urgent humanitarian pause and humanitarian corridors in the region, in response to the hostilities between the Israeli defense forces and armed Palestinian groups in the region.

The resolution, which passed unanimously amongst all fifteen members of the Security Council, urged both parties to demonstrate respect for international humanitarian law and to bring an end to the escalating violence in the region. It also implored both sides to ensure the safety and protection of civilians in Gaza, particularly those in conflict affected areas.

In addition, the resolution requests that the United Nations, including United Nations agencies, including UNRWA and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, facilitate urgent and unimpeded humanitarian assistance to Gaza immediately.

Furthermore, the resolution called for the speedy establishment of the necessary infrastructure to ensure the free movement of civilians and goods including the import and supply of fuel, water and food into the region. It also requests the creation of a monitoring mechanism to ensure the safety and protection of civilians in the conflict-affected areas and humanitarian access to those areas.

All parties involved were urged to ensure that civilians have safe passage during the conflict and further encouraged to cooperate with international organizations in this regard.

The Security Council’s resolution to call for an urgent humanitarian pause and humanitarian corridors in Gaza demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of all civilian populations in conflict-affected areas, particularly within Gaza. Such action is essential to preventing further escalation in the region and aid in facilitating the flow of humanitarian assistance and relief to the region.

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