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Attackers Take Point: Trump Backers Join His Vulgar, Insensitive Crusade!

It’s not hard to spot the behaviors of Donald Trump and how they are easily imitated by his supporters. The latest example of Trump’s behavior has been a rampant, and rampant vulgarity, insults and baseless attacks.

Donald Trump has been criticizing his opponents, as well as questioning their character. His supporters have been following his lead by attacking not only their intended targets, but others too. It has become a strategy that has quickly drawn scorn from those both inside and outside of the political arena.

This type of behavior has been labeled as weakening our system of civility by Senator Lamar Alexander. He further stated that The foundation of our democracy is civil discourse and mutual respect among our citizens.

Unfortunately, many of Donald Trump’s supporters are so angry and frustrated that they feel no reason to adhere to the social norms they normally abide by. They see Trump’s public criticism as a way to justify their own course of action. This type of behavior is not limited to just Trump’s followers, it also applies to those from all walks of life. No matter the race, religion or political affiliation, these attacks are counterproductive and can set a dangerous precedent.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which form of behavior they want to use to communicate. While it is true that some people may have felt that Trump’s public criticism of his opponents was justified and emboldening, it is important to remember that attacking others with vulgarities, insults and baseless attacks is not only inappropriate, it is also damaging to our society. While it may seem to be effective to some, in the end it is counterproductive and costly to our political discourse. We must all strive to maintain our civility and set a good example for future generations.

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