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Easing Democrats’ Anxiety: Biden Campaign Tackles Reelection Chances

With Election Day quickly approaching, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign is hard at work, attempting to ease the nerves of Democrats who have been feeling anxious about the chances of securing their party’s first presidential victory since 2008. The Biden campaign has taken several steps to alleviate the anxieties of the traditionally left-leaning group, including engaging in a countrywide grassroots organizing effort, launching an aggressive digital ad campaign, and emphasizing Biden’s more centrist stances on controversial social issues.

The grassroots campaign has been particularly helpful to Biden’s chances, as the Democratic National Committee registered more than 1 million new voters in key swing states during the summer of 2020. Building off of this success, the campaign has continued to add to its grassroots organizing efforts by fostering relationships with community mom-and-pop shops, local churches, and small businesses in order to encourage further voter registration.

In addition to grassroots campaigning, Biden’s digital ad campaign has started to pick up steam over the past few months with targeted ads focusing on key states, as his campaign attempts to mobilize potential Democrats and sway independents. Biden’s campaign has also begun to create ads highlighting his stances on health care and social reforms, emphasizing his centrist views.

Finally, Biden’s campaign has sought to reach out to the undecided voters who remain unconvinced of either candidate’s views and policies. During multiple occasions of the campaign trail, the Democratic candidate has openly supported the revitalization of the Affordable Care Act and has mobilised more government involvement in the fight to end racial and gender inequality.

Based on all of these efforts, it appears that the Biden campaign seeks to convince Democratic voters that a vote for their candidate will help to ensure a win in November, hopefully calming the disturbing amount of dispair and anxiety many Democrats have been feeling in regards to the upcoming election.

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