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Siren Strikes Spectacular Mineralisation at Bonanza East!

Exploration company, Siren Resources, has recently identified significant new mineralisation at their Bonanza East prospect in Canada. The news has generated interest in the resource sector and could be indicative of an exciting new development in gold exploration.

Siren Resources recently announced the successful intersecting of “significant mineralisation” at Bonanza East. The mineralization is an extensive and continuous quartz vein containing gold, silver and copper, which the company believes is indicative of an exciting new high-grade gold exploration target.

The mineralisation is located in the Central Mineralised Zone of the Bonanza East area and is estimated to extend 250-metres along strike from its current location. The discovery of the quartz vein is extremely encouraging and could open up a range of possible opportunities for further exploration.

The intersecting of this mineralisation could prove to be a significant step forwards for Siren Resources. It is thought that this discovery could represent the possible start of a new gold exploration project, headlined by a major new gold deposit discovery.

In light of this recent news, Siren Resources has commented on the potential economic impact of the discovery. It is inferred that the discovery has the potential to create job opportunities, provide an economic benefit to the local community, and attract further foreign investment.

While still in the early stages of exploration, the main goal for Siren Resources is to begin drilling before the end of 2021. The successful drill-testing of the mineralisation could potentially lead to further discoveries, including further high-grade gold targets within the Bonanza East area.

For now, the intersecting of the quartz vein at Bonanza East is encouraging news for Siren Resources and the international gold sector. It appears that exploration of this ‘high-grade’ gold target could lead to further discoveries and create an opportunity for economic growth.

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