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Biden’s Ever-present Accessory that’s Even in Your Living Room – The Teleprompter!

Throughout his time in the public eye, President Joe Biden has made great use of an almost constantly present accessory, one arguably as synonymous with politics as the podium itself–the teleprompter. This device, often overlooked despite its ubiquity, serves a purpose as essential as it is simple: guiding the speaker’s words, ensuring their speeches remain accurate, coherent, and compelling.

The history of the teleprompter, contrary to common perception, is not deeply intertwined with the political realm. Invented in the early 1950s, it was initially designed to aid television performers in delivering their lines flawlessly. It was only in the late 1950s that then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson became the first politician to use this technology. Over the subsequent decades, the teleprompter’s marriage with politics has solidified, becoming a fixture of not just American politics, but global political communication.

President Biden’s relationship with the teleprompter dates back to his time as a young senator. Frequently engaging in public speaking, the teleprompter served as his reliable companion, guaranteeing his communication was precise and well-articulated. As Biden progressed to serve as Vice President under President Obama, and eventually ascended to the Presidency himself, the teleprompter remained an unwavering presence on his journey.

Today, through clever use of technology, the teleprompter is no longer limited to podium speeches and public appearances for President Biden. It has essentially found its way into the American living room through televised addresses and virtual conferences, becoming a technology omnipresent in the lives of both the presenter and the audience.

Through the lens of Covid-19, virtual communication has gained paramount importance, with social distancing protocols making it difficult for politicians to connect with their constituencies in traditional manners. The teleprompter has certainly not been left behind in this paradigm shift, and has evolved to facilitate Biden’s communication in this new normal. With Covid-19 briefings, virtual town halls and even international summits conducted remotely, the teleprompter remains a silent constant, just out of frame.

Understanding the role a teleprompter plays in maintaining a level of professionalism and eloquence in Biden’s speeches, it’s clear why it is a crucial tool of communication. By ensuring a smooth delivery of a carefully crafted address, it gives the speaker confidence and allows them to maintain eye contact, both of which are important for public speaking. Furthermore, it enables the speaker to get their message across without worrying about missing any fundamental points in their speech.

In conclusion, President Biden’s use of the teleprompter has merged technology and political communication in an effective and efficient manner. Though it may seem just a device for organized speaking, it actually represents more–a bridge between the president and the people, connecting intents, ideas and initiatives across screens. Undeniably, the teleprompter has positioned itself as an omnipresent accessory within Biden’s presidency, silently aiding in shaping the political landscape one speech at a time.

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